If you would like to enquire about booking the hall, please contact fleetdivisionguidehall@gmail.com.

Activity hall

The main hall is 6.5m x 15.4m. The adjacent store room contains 70 chairs (with chair trolley) and 8 tables (with table trolley).


The kitchen is well equipped and contains a double sink, 2 double ovens, 2 kettles, microwave, fridge, freezer, island work table, place settings for 40, baking equipment etc.

Meeting room

The meeting room can sit up to 24 around 4 tables. It has a wall suitable for projecting on to.

Committee room

The committee room can seat 6 around a table.

Toilet facilities

A single toilet is situated by the committee and meeting rooms and a further 4 toilets and shower are off the main activity hall.

Facilities for the disabled

There are 2 parking spaces for the disabled. A ramp leads from there to the front door. One of the toilets and the shower are modified for the disabled.